Clara’s quilt-made for my new granddaughter

Clara’s quilt

I thought I’d make a quilt for my new darling girl! People always rave about how differently they feel about their grandchildren! I do believe it is a special love one has for them!
I played around with ship ideas because I didn’t want to make a gener specific quilt, this time. It turned into a sailboat, with a hull that opens to allow some little toys to live inside. I made appliquéd a kitchen, lounge room, bathroom dining room. I appliquéd animals all over the deck and fish whales and dolphins in the water.
I love this quilt and am working on a pattern, if you would like.
I just have to finish the little book and set up Paypal.

I never realised how complicated

I never realised how complicated all this posting stuff is! Here I am at 62 trying this new thing! Trying to prove to myself that age is no barrier to learning, and trying to put my pretty logo onto my page! Wow! so confusing!