Tea bag obsessed

It’s interesting that I have been so obsessed with tea bags for about twenty years. But I have been! When I was first taken with the undeniable truth that tea bags were probably products from the world of Lucifer Morning Star, or the devil as he is more commonly known, I was camping in the desert just out of Alice Springs in central Australia.
The campfire was blazing, all the stars above us were radiant. And we were quietly drinking tea, and throwing the used tea bags into the fire!
I found myself, inveterate twiddler that I am, pulling the tea bags apart, and making the paper into one pile, the tea into another, and the tiny metal staples into a third.
The tea bags dried fast, and I started scribbling on them with the bits of charcoal from the fire.
A lifetime obsession was born.
I still dismember my tea bags, and keep all the bits. So scarily does my beloved. He uses the tea in the compost bins for his enormous veggie garden.
I still paint, draw, sew, stack and generally complain about how the paper never seems to biodegrade.
I found out why the other day!
There is plastic in tea bag paper. They add it to the pulp, as they make the terribly thin paper that it holds together, but not so thick that it can’t be penetrated by water quickly.
So, tea bag paper does not degrade.
And so,as I was moving my brain onto a new obsession, I feel compelled to return to the tea bags.
Paper which should be called plastic.
I am disgusted with the people who make tea bags.